My name is Benjamin Hill. Teaching, web design, database administration, the services industry, and studying and living in China have been some of the things taking up my time over the last decade or so. Most recently, I trained as a tattoo artist in Beijing, then spent some time back in the UK teaching myself the intricacies of painting and drawing.

I currently work with a variety of media - pencils, brushes, computers - to create a range of original art including wildlife paintings, illustrations, conceptual paintings, and other designs, and I'm selling some of them here in the form of prints and greeting cards.

I live and work in Bath, and might be found at markets in and around the Southwest selling prints and things. You can also find a range of prints and cards at my online shop.


Fruit was walking along, looking at the sky, thinking how beautiful it all is, and decided to sing. "Blue," sung Fruit.

Blue was walking along, enjoying the fresh forest air, thinking about food, when an unidentified fruit dropped from a tree. Blue sung, "Fruit!"

The Bluesung Fruit is a fruit that grows only when it is sung at till one is blue in the face.

The Blue Sungfruit is a type of bluish-purple fruit that is native to the Land of Sung.

In other words, it's nothing, and it's all sorts of things. I just think it sounds nice.