My name is Benjamin Hill. I use a variety of traditional painting techniques and digital magic to create a range of original art.

The materials involved in oil and acrylic painting used to give me tremendous headaches. Living in Beijing for some years (studying tattooing, but that's another story), the convenience of a small digital drawing tablet became very tempting (one brush, one canvas, no paints), and with the subsequent lack of headaches since ditching paints I haven’t much looked back. Most of my work is now hand-drawn in a computer, in a similar way that one paints with oils, and I tend to aim to give my work a traditionally painted feel while exploring the array of new techniques that are offered digitally. I also work with charcoal, pencil, and coloured pencils when the mood arises.

The essence of the arts is the exploration and encapsulation of experience. The painter arranges light to evoke space as the composer paints with vibrations, and the painter's main task is to find some combination of colour and composition that conveys sensation, story, and emotion, just like good music does. Within this pursuit of feeling, I enjoy both the grounded and the abstract, the surreal, ethereal, and real, the oil painting and the comic panel, the canvas, paper, and screen, and aim to imbue portraits and landscapes alike with a sense of the not-quite.

Fine art prints and greeting cards featuring my paintings are available in my online shop. You can also check out the Hill family print shop - including paintings by my father and grandfather - at! All work on this page © me, of course.